Flex-O-Fold Prop

For anyone who has followed the long and tedious thread on my F-O-F prop, here is the conclusion:

I finally exchanged the blades to 18×11.  This is either the perfect pitch or slightly under.  An 18×12 would probably work fine too, but the 18×13 was clearly too much.  My RPM is around 3750 while it should be 3600.  Trouble is, my tach shows inconsistent reading when above 3500 RPM.  Bottom line is at the top of my cruising range 3000 RPM boat speed is between 6.7-7.4 knots.  This is as good if not slightly better than the fixed 18×12 prop I replaced.  Sailing in light air gains ½ knot boat speed when folded.  Haven’t had heavier air as of yet which is uncommon this time of year.  Prop walk is virtually non-existent.  I am very happy with the prop.

One word of caution if you are a prospective F-O-F buyer. 

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