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Question for those of you who upgraded to a folding or feathering prop. From what I researched so far, it seems like folding is a better way to go, especially with 2 blades. Folding has less drag when sailing but slightly inferior with respect to motoring performance. 3 blades is better for headwinds and waves but has more drag and costs much more. The two best choices for price seem to be Gori 2-blade around $1300 or Flex-o-Fold 3-blade, slightly over $2K. The Gori 3-blade is well over $3K. One thing I couldn’t get a clear answer on was whether folding props reverse blades when backing up or if that is only a feature of feathering props. Can anyone approximate average speed gains? Any improvement with prop walk when backing? Any problems/failures with prop not unfolding? Any maintenance problems from marine growth on the gears? How about the 2-bladers? Anyone

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7 thoughts on “Folding or Feathering Prop – Discussion Stream”

  1. I too have a 2-Blade Flex-O-Fold and it has improved performance very much. Way less RPM’s and a higher speed. Much better sailing performance. I am certain that I picked-up a full knot of speed from the 3-blade fixed…makes sense….
    They will also deal with you…especially if you can make a boat show…I made an offer of $1000 for mine…shipped to Minnesota from Mass and he laughed at me…He then found me 2 hours later at the show and asked if I still wanted my deal! Good people, good service.
    C387 Chinook #26

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