Seattle Boat Show – iPad Integration

I also stopped and talked to Raymarine about iPad integration, specifically with questions about integrating Seatalk instrument data. The directed me over to a local dealer who was demonstrating DMK Yacht Instruments 11A Wireless connection for iOS Device (iPad). This device was amazing small and really simplified integration efforts, and was clearly another option to the Brookhouse iMux. Since the DMK instruments is based on open source software with a growing number of partners writing software for it, including many working on Android support, I found it quite intriguing. We also discussed the likely hood of integrating Seatalk data without some form of translation, which they said isn’t done natively by either the iNavx or Navionics apps.

Check out

Jim Turner
“Makana Kai”, 2000 C380, #227

Unfortunately, it appears that the DMK app doesn’t work unless the iPad is connected to the WiFi signal broadcast by the DMK

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