Head Support/Storage Rack

Head Support/Storage Rack
Ted Sholl

Hull #: 357

To solve the problem of toilet seat in the head going too far open and stretching its hinges too much, we decided to install a teak book rack as shown in West Marine catalog page 810 ( a teak paperback book holder works just as well but is not in the 2002 catalog). We attached 2 L Brackets (5-1/2 in) from Home Depot with stainless screws and attached the book rack. We placed the brackets so the seat would contact the rack and keep it in a more or less vertical position, and in the bargain we got lots of extra storage space for toiletries. Cost of rack plus hardware was about $55. (Not to mention $100 for a cordless high speed drill to drill the holes.).

Warren Elliot asked a few questions of Ted, and here’s his response:

Warren–re the

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