Maxwell RC800 Freedom Series Windlass

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Link to Mainsheet Article – November 2006

Link to Mainsheet Article – February 2007

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  • Standard Equipment  on early model C380 series boats beginning in midyear 1997  to discontinuation in midyear 2001.  The prior windlass  (1996 – 1997) was a horizontally mounted   VW800 and the later windlass was a vertically mounted   VW800 including on the C387.
  • The Freedom system  automatically feeds anchor rode into and out of the anchor  locker allowing rope, chain or rope/chain rodes.  But  the chain to rope splice is critical for smooth operation.  Reducing the speed make a smoother transition from chain  to rope.
  • The transition  from rope to chain is by means of a tension arm system  inside the enclosed design.  Maxwell suggests annual  replacement of this inexpensive mail-able item, as the  material will become brittle with age and use.
  • Correct chain and line type are

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