How To Identify Your Lewmar Portlight


When switching the discussion to highlight concurrent changes in portlights, we may be adding an element of confusion. The Old/New portlights don’t fall under the coast/ocean model designation, Lewmar simply designates them as either Old or New Standard portlights. It doesn’t appear that there ever was an “Old coast version”. To add to the confusion there actually was an old Ocean version portlight, that like the old standard portlight has a twist lever. Since Makana Kai has the Lewmar New Standard Portlights, I’m clueless as to whether Catalina equipped older boats with the old standard portlights or Ocean Portlights

That or Bomar’s! [Following link goes to:  How To Identify Your Lewmar Portlight ]

PS…We’re just happy that our Coastline hatch isn’t leaking any more, as it’s currently raining!

One of my doc mates walked by as I was applying Sikaflex to the hatch frame in preparation for bedding,

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