ICW Chart Recommendations

The following are responses to the question “What are the best charts and cruising guides to the ICW?”

In my view, the best ICW cruising guide is Managing the Waterway published by Mike and Diana Doyle. The  minimum essential library of most useful documents I found on our ICW adventures were: that guide, the spiral bound  flip chart navcharts published by Kettlewell (which serves as a backup to electronic charts as well as an extremely handy  repository for hand added notes at critical points enroute), two Skipper Bob pubs specifically “Anchorages”  and “Marinas”. These four books I used daily. Ocasional use included Waterway guides (Midatlantic and Southern versions) and A Cruising Guide to the ICW by Moeller. Actually, the latter was sort of superceded in our use by the Doyle publication which has a more useful format.

All of this is being currently field re-tested by Assn members Doug and

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