Installing Larger Battery Charger

When my original 40 amp Charles Charger quit working, I installed a Xantrex TrueCharge2 60 amp charger to better deal with my larger than original house battery bank.  In the process of doing this, along with help from other members of the group, I realized that there was more to the process than I originally planned.  Here is the resulting issue list that one should consider before getting into this project:

  • Upgrading the charger will probably mean upgrading the battery cables from the charger to the batteries.  Mine were originally #4 but the 60 amp charger required fishing #1 cable.  This makes a huge difference to the complexity and cost of the project and may have discouraged my installation of the larger charger in the first place.
  • Newer chargers require fishing a new wire for the battery temperature sensor.  Compared to fishing larger electrical cable, this was nothing.
  • Expect the

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