Is the Bilge Pump Adequate?

Title:Is The Bilge Pump Adequate
Author:Scott Brear
Date: 5/24/2003
Hull #: 31

Is the Bilge Pump Adequate?

Scott Brear posted the following comments about bilge pumps on the list. His advice is well worth considering.

Stock manual and electrical bilge pumps in production boats are not designed for catastrophic leaks. They can only manage clearances of the bilge due to “”normal”” leaks through the speed impeller stowage, stern gland, rain , some minor hose leaks, etc. because they do not have even the rated capacity to do much more. In practice this is OK, because 95% of the time that is only where the water comes from.
But think about it some more. If you did have a 1.5 inch hole in your hull, what do you have on board that can pump that volume of ingress out? Such a hole could be your engine sea water hose, stern

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