Isoltherm Refrigerator Installation

When my compressor failed I went for a completely new system. I installed a Isotherm SP system. It is very small, no fan, no pump. The power draw is much less and there is no noise! Makes the aft cabin more peaceful. I installed it on a shelf, high up under the galley sink and no one even knows it is there. The only down side is that the boat has to be hauled to install.

Here are three photos of the Isotherm installation. One is of the freezer section across the outboard section of the upper shelf in the fridge. I made a solid base and lid for it from starboard. We’ve had stuff frozen in there for weeks. The second is the compressor under the sink. The potable water pump is bigger. The third shows the PVC pipe that I ran the refrigeration lines through behind the stove.

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