When do you replace standing rigging?

I had an interesting conversation with a friend and 320 owner about standing rigging inspection and replacement. We began by him suggesting it was time to replace the lifelines on his 2001 320. We moved to the standing rigging after he told me that the person he spoke to at Catalina told him they recommend replacement every five years. He contacted the current provider of the rigging and they recommended every 10 years.

My question is; how long is too long to have the rigging replaced? Our boats are in So Cal, and in the water all year.

Spring Fever
C387 #53 (2004)
Marina Del Rey, Ca


Interesting topic.  I’ve heard from several not necessarily definitive sources that rigging in the Puget Sound area tends to last longer due to our rainy climate that continually cleans it.  Most people up here are pretty comfortable with 20 year old

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One thought on “When do you replace standing rigging?”

  1. Thanks Wes, Paul, Chris, and Jim for your thoughts and recommendations.

    I’m gearing up to replace the original standing rigging on my 1998 C380, having identified the need during my pre-purchase survey last year. Where I’m noticing obvious corrosion is on the turnbuckles, and most worryingly, on the chainplates and tie rods below deck.

    I’m curious if any of you have replaced and/or rebedded your chainplates and tie rods? Any tips or tricks?

    1998 380 #131
    San Francisco, CA

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