Keel Bolt Tightening

The consensus is that the bolts should be tightened while boat is on the hard but several have done this in the water and successfully stopped leaks.

Can the keel, bolts be tightened with my 2005 Catalina in the slip in the water.  I think I might have a slow leak going on. If I they r below torque Specs could that help. What would be the best procedure?


Edward Wolf
San Pedro,

Hi Ed,

From everything I’ve read, it should be done out of the water when the weight of the boat is resting on the keel. I’ve always done it just before launch, when hopefully everything is dried out.

The recommended torque is 235-250 ft-lbs.

If you were to try it in the water, the weight of the keel would be hanging on the bolts and the torque required to lift it up would be greater

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