LED Lighting

I am in the process of changing out the G4 halogens down below for LEDs.
Someone suggested Sailor’s Solutions, www.sailorssolutions.com and the
Admiral and I are very pleased with the bulbs that you can find at this


The Admiral and I both agreed that if one measured the lumens between the
halogen and the ZED01 Miniature Warm White LED Replacement Bulb ZED01 shown on the link above, the halogen might be a bit softer, but it was hard for us
to tell the difference. The really good news is that they are easy to
install and saved us from having to buy new overhead fixtures. They are
also flat enough to be installed behind the “shell” shades on the bulkhead

Bruce Overbay
Our Water View, #226

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One thought on “LED Lighting”

  1. Hi Bruce, thanks for your article. I’d love to change my halogens for LEDs but have a small problem. I can’t seem to figure out how to open the fixture! I have a C387, don’t know if you are familiar with the standard fixtures but they’re driving me crazy. The appear to be press fitted together, I’ve messed with them until I’m ready to turn to drink. Any hints??

    Thanks anyone for advice on this…


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