Led Lights, T- molding

Over the winter I replaced the overhead spots with LED spots. The ones I used were purchased from Amazon and are “Torchstar” 4 watt, MR16, 3200K, warm white. I am very happy with them and they cost $7.50 each. The bulbs stuck out about a 1/4″ and I had to make a small mod to the ficture to make them flush when installed but not alot of effort.

It is interesting the fixtures are rated at 10 watts, which is printed on them, and the bulbs that were in them were all 20 watts.

I also replaced the G4 base bulbs in the clamshell bulkhead lights with LED’s available at Bulbs.com. Item 770510, G4 base, 0.6 watt, warm white, at $7.69.

I also needed to replace the “T” molding around the wet locker in the shower. I bought 40 feet of it from “T-molding.com” 9/16″ white, flat, nintendo, for $20.00.

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