Lewmar Hatch Handle Replacement

Several captains have experienced the handles on the cabin roof hatches break off.  Several have attempted to epoxy them back in place but over a short time they break off again.

Lewmar has a kit to replace these though West Marine couldn’t find the correct one.  The correct part number with Lewmar is 360255990.  In this approach, you drill a hole through the lens and create a mechanical rather than glue connection for the new handle.  This seems to be the best approach.  Be sure it looks like what you have to make sure it is correct.  It will have a “button” on top of the hatch bolted to the handle below.

I have purchased them from APS (http://www.apsltd.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=360255990) in Annapolis for roughly $16..


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3 thoughts on “Lewmar Hatch Handle Replacement”

  1. available at Hatchmasters:

    also available at Fisheries Supply

    According to those 2 suppliers, that part nr describes either of two different parts: LEFT or RIGHT versions.

    I cannot determine which is installed on my Catalina 380 Hull 302
    all 4 identical, the latch is actuated from inside only, and rotates clockwise (looking up) to latch.

    Which is ours?

    Lewmar website describes this part as LEFT (no RIGHT version is mentioned).

    I’ve inquired with 3 potential suppliers (2 mentioned above, and local Lewmar distributor) and will post response once received.

  2. also available at P2Marine.com
    AND … this website explains that “LH” or “RH” is imprinted on the lens side of the latch. Mine is imprinted with “L”.

  3. Has anyone replaced a Lewmar size 10 lens before? I replaced the first one with no issue but the second one the frame will only come apart on one side the other side is stuck and the frame will not release from the pin and slide off. If anyone has had this problem let me know how you got the frame apart.
    Cant pry it apart the metal is to soft and dents very easily. I tried with a screw driver but it just making a mess with the frame.
    Is some kind of solution I can pout into the screw holes or something else. Any help would be appreciated


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