Lightning Protection Follow UP

Lightning Protection Follow UP
Warren Elliott

Hull #: 44

This is a follow up to my article in the August Compass. I had originally intended this space simply to mention some additional items on this subject, but recent events have forced a change, as you’ll see below. Sail magazine [Aug. ’02] contains two appropriate articles; one of them suggests putting portable electronics in the oven when a storm is likely–probably a good idea. Note however, that the door seals are non-conductive; a couple of rolled strips of aluminum foil wedged into the door/frame gap should help.

Now to bigger news, at least to me. A few weeks after my lightning protection article was published, I got zapped!! This has to be the ultimate irony! And my external protection system was not in place! My only excuse:

no significant storms were predicted. Man, did NOAA and local TV [and me]

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