NG2 Masthead Assembly

From Bill Worsley Southern Skies C-380 #302
My C-380 is hull # 302 and I have an Isomat NG-70 spar with an Isomat NG-2 masthead cover.  I think there have been several masts for the C-380, Jim’s being one of the original.  Based on hull numbers, I think we may have the same mast – many would say it is a Charleston spar, but actually Isomat design (see the discussion on the rigrite website about Charleston Spars).  If you go to website and follow this path, you will get to a diagram of the masthead assembly:
Spars\Isomat Spars\Mast Specs and Components\NG-70\Masthead Parts\NG2 Masthead Assembly
Note that the cover plate is held in place by two “feet” that slip into the top forward part of the mast body and is bolted down on the aft end by two hex head bolts.  This only gives you access to the sheaves.  All

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