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I’m in the process of installing a completly new refrigeration system. In removing the original equipment I found the installation to be lacking. The refrigerant lines run from the compressor to the box in what appears to be a PVC pipe. The lines were insulated for about 6″ from the box and a foot from the compressor. For the entire 12’/14′ run through the PVC there was NO insulation. In fact the two lines were twisted together and taped every 2 -3 feet.

This has to have effected the effiiency of the whole unit and probably contibuted to condensation.

I don’t know if this was a Friday afternoon boat issue, or if everyone has the same condition. If you can get into the aft locker, you can see into the PVC pipe to check the situation on your boat. Removal of the piping was quite easy. I’m not sure

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