Salon Floor Refinishing

I am planning on refinishing the floor down below this spring.  I recall others have used regular floor polyurethane. What specific brand has been best, and what finish (gloss, semi-gloss, satin)?  Any hints?
Steve Klegman C380 # 113, Folie A’ Deux



Yep–we used std floor poly—-from Home Depot or Lowes…maybe Minwax.
Semi-gloss per admiral Jeanne.
Has lasted 11 or 12 years & still looks good except in one small area under table which is most-used spot.  Will probably try to spot refinish.

Yor’re probably aware that with poly extra care is needed to make area dust free.
When I did flooring, I took all the pieces home, so much easier to work/sand/apply  & keep dust free: vacuum/wipe.

We do use a strip-type carpet in main walkway.
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