C380 Westerbeke/Yanmar Transition

It’s interesting that you have the Yanmar engine with C380 hull #184. I have C380 hull #185 and have a Westerbeke engine. I had thought that there were several Westerbekes after my hull #. Looks like I got one of the last Westerbekes or did the Previous Owner of your boat decide to wait for a Yanmar engine?

Paul McManus
Sea Sea Rider C380 #185
Port Orchard, WA


When we were looking to buy our C380, I called both Warren Pandy, and the Westerbeake representative that handled both warranty issues. I recall Warren explaining that there really wasn’t a specific hull number that could be sited as when the transition occurred. As I recall he mentioned that they tested the Yanmars on a boat or two prior to making the final decision to transition. He further indicated that even when the decision was final, the transition really didn’t occur

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