Sanitation Hose Replacement

from Paul Beukema:

1)  Head to Tank run.  I did seal both ends with expanding foam which really helped control the odor.  I then used duct take to spiral tape the ends together from the tank end.  The pull-thru went okay until I got to the smaller opening just forward of the shower.  I was pulling from the access in the shower wet locker and my wife was pushing from the tank end.  Because of the increase in the OD of the new hose coupled with the large amount of cables running through the same opening it became very difficult to move the hose through that opening.  So we used soapy water in a spray bottle to stray the hose in the pass thru opening forward and aft of the shower access.  That  helped a lot.  I did measure the hose using an electrical fish tape and added about 4

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