Sea Hood Issues



I just though I’d share my latest 380 story…

Last season I noticed that the companionway hatch was becoming harder to open all the way. I assumed accumulation foreign debris and that a thorough spring cleaning would suffice. When a full force hose flush didn’t help much, I decided to remove the sea hood.  To my surprise, upon lifting the sea hood my fingers sank quickly into spongy wood.

What I found was that Catalina uses a one inch wide piece of three quarters thick plywood encased in each side of the  sea hood.  They did a decent job of encasing it, but then drilled holes through it to attach the piece!  Over time water found its way into the plywood, and the rest is history.

The story has a happy ending.  Two days of chipping, chiseling, and grinding to remove the offending wood left a nice new

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