Shakespeare TV Antenna

The original TV antenna provided with La Mariposa in 1998 was an analog type that is no longer useable due to transmitting stations changeover to digital transmission.  This analog TV antenna was removed from top of mast and not replaced.  Coaxial Cable is still connected from chart table behind VHF radio all the way to the top of the mast where cable exits the mast.  The Antenna bracket is still on top of mast.

I have replaced the analog antenna with a Shakespeare omni-directional marine TV digital antenna.  The picture quality is terrific and the signal does not degrade as the boat swings on its mooring because of the antenna’s unidirectional feature.  I am now receiving “over-the-air” reception on the boat’s Sharp flat screen TV, model LC-19DV-12U.

I am using 117 VAC power to drive both the TV and antenna.  I use an inverter.  The antenna’s power selector (12 VDC

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