Dim glowing of Reverse Polarity Light

When using my Honda 2000 generator, I noticed that the reverse polarity light glows dimly.


The reason you see the reverse polarity light glowing is because the Honda generator has a floating ground, meaning that there is no connection between neutral and ground, like your shore power connection has back at the service on shore.

If you want to eliminate the flicker, and operate the generator more safely, where you’re GFCI outlets trip on fault, make up a plug with jumper wire between the ground and neutral and plug it into one of the generators AC outlets.

Jim Turner
“Makana Kai”, 2000 C380, #227

LEDs are low voltage (about 2-4 v), low current devices and so require a series resistor to drop typical circuit voltage into their range, thereby also limiting the current to reasonable (operating) values.

The 25 k resistor referred to allows the led to operate near

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