Engine Compartment Cooling


May be able to suggest a way to improve the air circulation and cooling in the engine compartment.

I’ve been holding off installing the larger Ample alternator and Balmar regulator until I could figure out how to improve cooling in the engine compartment.

Last trip to the boat I completed replacing the flimsy ventilation hoses with nearly indestructible Hi temp thermoplastic rubber duct hose and rerouted the positive ventilator discharge duct from under engine to top of engine and alternator to scavenge rising heat more effectively. I’m heading up to the boat Wednesday and should be able to complete a number of projects, including rewiring the blower to automatically run when the engine is running, and for a 15 minute cool down period after shut down using a delay board (should be able to re-utilize the fan switch as an off switch). Then install the alternator, regulator and sensors.

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