Smart Fuel Gauge

Smart Fuel Gauge
Earle Ellefsen
Hull #: 271

The following is from Earl Effelsen –Warren I have always kept a fuel log for our 2000 C380 (#271), Valkyrie, and know that fuel consumption can range from 0.6 to 1.0 gph (average 0.85 gph) depending on conditions. I am also well aware that the stock fuel gauge is not linear and that, although my tank is rated at 34 gals, when the gauge reads 1/4, there are only about four gals remaining. So, I was particularly annoyed when I recently ran out of fuel despite my calculations indicating that I should still have another hours worth of fuel.

At about this time, I saw an ad for the Cruz Pro FU30 Smart Fuel Gauge and ordered one from the e-Marine, Inc. web site for $169. This gauge learns the shape of the tank and, via its digital readout, can accurately

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  1. Note that Earle’s new digital fuel gauge suffered some sort of fault. After much hassle and no help from the supplier, Earle gave up and reverted back to the stock fuel gauge.

    Anyone else tried this or similar gauges??

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