Solar Panels

What success is there with bimini-top mounted  solar panels?  Needs are around 300 watts p/day. Manufactures of panels and mounting systems? And what you do it again?  Thanks

Mike Goodnough
Summer Place, 387#18

Your unit of measure for your needs is confusing to me.  Don’t you really want to ask for a certain amount of energy (W-hours) to be delivered on a daily basis?  I suppose you could come up with a simple model and derate the peak wattage generated by the panels less any conversion losses (to generated ~12V for charging the batteries) and multiply it by the number of hours you expect on average to have decent sun.

I’ve not looked at this myself but perusing the web just now and I see most panels are rated in either/both amps and watts for their maximum output.  Their outputs are unregulated and peak voltages can be much higher

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