Starter Solenoid

Well all launched on lake Ontario even though we had strong winds. Minor problem at launch, starter solenoid decided to crap out, I managed to jump the starter solenoid connection and at least get over to the slip.

Has anyone had success in purchasing starter solenoid without having to buy a new starter. I searched Torrenson and local Westerbeke dealer in Ontario but they only list new starters at a small fortune. If I can’t find a solenoid the option is just sending starter to rebuilder for rebuild and new solenoid.

If anyone has had success in finding a solenoid please let me know, greatly appreciated.

Hull 170



Suggest checking connections.  A bit of corrosion, especially at starter terminals, can produce that symptom, depending on your jumping technique.



I was able to purchase a new solenoid from Stewart Marine (206) 789-4600 in Seattle

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One thought on “Starter Solenoid”

  1. It is much easier to remove the starter with solenoi than just the solenoid…so you might as well have it rebuilt at the same time. Recently had mine done. when you re-install, make sure that clip conection is tight.
    Steve Dublin C-380 #84 Caretta

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