Tips For Compound, Polish & Wax

Reprinted from Sailnet:   Try these products (for Gel-Coat only not intended for Awlgrip)

Buffing and Waxing:  The Cliff Note Version:


#1-Clean the hull with an acid base cleaner like FSR,  oxalic acid or On & Off to remove rust & tannin staining. (only if necessary)

#2-Wet Sand by hand 600 (if real bad) then move up the grits to P1000+ (only if severely oxidized other wise you can start at #3)

#3-3M Marine Rubbing Compound or Presta Gel Coat Compound (use a wool 3M super buff COMPOUND grade pad like the #05711) (if already fairly shiny start at #4)

#4-3M Finesse It or Presta Ultra Cutting Creme (Use a foam 3M #05725 pad or 3M Yellow Wool # 05713)

#5-(OPTIONAL STEP) Presta Chroma – Use 3M #05725 pad or #05713 or Blue Presta wool pad)

#6-Collinite #885 Fleet Wax Paste Version- or 3M

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