Transmisssion Shift Lever

Title:         Transmisssion Shift Lever
Author:   Warren Elliott
Date:         11/1/2003
Hull #: 44


A few captains have reported failure of their shift lever; apparently none occurred at a critical time, so no damage ensued except perhaps to a few egos. It seems that the lever either became very loose or simply fell off, rendering shifting impossible. Quick crew action, including inventing a new handle in the form of vise-grip pliers, may have saved the day.

On checking my helm station, and receiving email comments from the manufacturer, Edson, I’m beginning to understand how these situations came about.

Here’s two Edson inputs. The first message refers to the particular problem and possible improvement. The second message address my questions: causes for the set screw becoming loose and a related issue: closeness of forward-shifted lever to the helm guard.

From: Edson Customer Service Sent: Tuesday, July 22, 2003 1:54 PM To: Warren

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