Transom Shower Replacement Part

For those needing to replace a broken Transom Show head, host, or entire unit…..Checkout Catalina Direct, They also sell the parts or whole unit.

AVID II    1999    #148     380 Catalina


I found the whole mixing body for $54 at Heater Craft .  They also have replacement hoses and heads for $41.  Look in Marine, Parts.  My borther-in-law prefers a standard sink sprayer for his camper shower.  It is drip-free when not in use, but I don’t like the in-ability to have it running hands-free for hair rinsing.  It depends on your preference.

I replaced my shower hose last year with a standard one from HD.  I they also have shower heads with shut-offs.

Dan Ross
Zephyr #303

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