Westerbeke 42B Raw Water Pump Seal Failure

By Steve Riddle, Blue Heron C380 #194 (1999)

I have been having ongoing problems with the raw water pump leaking on my Westerbeke 42B. The engine has about 450 total hours, which is pretty low considering the age of the boat.  The raw water pump started leaking two years ago during the 2008 season.  On the Westerbeke, the pump housing has a set of weep holes which will theoretically drain any water that gets past the internal shaft water seal.  This serves two purposes.  First is to give you a visual indication of a leak, although the pump is unfortunately located directly over the forward port engine mount which will start to rust from the salt water dripping out of the pump.  Second, the weep holes should keep salt water out of the pump bearings, which are protected by an oil seal on the other side of the weep holes.

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