Wiring of Terminal Strip at Engine C380 Westerbeke

My terminal strip is not numbered so I call pin/ terminal #1 = green/ black wires (adjacent is heavy red wires).   Color a/ color b denotes color on engine side / color on panel side. ( this is for Westerbekes; Yanmars should be the same functionally, but colors on engine side may be different. Westerbekes see P 48/49 of engine manual)


  1.  -12 v / ground.        Green/ black
  2.  +12 v Battery         Red/red
  3.   Temperature sender.   Yellow / brown
  4.   Tach sender.         Brown / grey
  5.   Glow plugs.         Violet / white
  6.   Not used.             Orange / not used (Oil pressure gauge option)
  7.   Alt./ ignition.      Red white / purple. (see term. 9)
  8.   Starter.                White / yellow red
  9.  Alarm power.        Pink / not used (tied to 7)
  10. Not used.             Grey / not used ( charge light option)
  11. Oil pres switch.    Lt. Blue / Lt. Blue black
  12. Water temp switch.  Tan / tan black

To complete on cockpit

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