Yanmar Exhaust Mixing Elbow – Remove/Replace

Today I removed, inspected, and reinstalled my exhaust mixing elbow.  As you know the engine manual says replace at 500 hours and they make two exhaust elbows.  One at approx. $260. and one at approx. $900.  Naturally, the C-387 has the larger, heavier, more expensive one, but it should last longer.  I talked with a fellow sailor who attended the Yanmar engine school and the mechanic/instructor said to inspect at recommended interval and only replace when needed.  I have 950 engine hrs. and my elbow looked good inside.  No visible wearing away of the metal or carbon build up.  The following is the procedure I recommend for removal:

  1. Remove raw water hose.
  2. Unbolt 4 nuts and remove elbow.
  3. Have someone hold exhaust hose (3 3/8 in. O.D.) while you twist elbow out.

The exhaust hose is large and only slightly flexible.  I was unable to  remove it from the elbow

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