Heat Exchanger Removal and Cleaning Procedure

I’ve had lots of experience with my Yanmar heat exchanger on my 387 and would bet a bunch you need to have it boiled (Make sure the radiator shop doesn’t “cold soak” it.  It’s not the same.)  I have had mine apart a few times and it isn’t a terrible job to get it cleaned and reassembled.  A couple of points:

  1. TIP:  Before you remove it, use a straight edge along one row of tubes at the forward end of the heat exchanger and put reference marks on the housing so you can replace it easily.  The exchanger will turn easily within the housing but it ultimately has a tab that fits a small hole on the rear cap.  Unless you have removed the hoses (which I have found difficult), it is a real pain to get it lined up correctly going back in.  If you look at the rear

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