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I just installed Sirius weather on my C385 Raymarine Plotter. Sirius does a poor job of providing user guides to explain all the features. Does anyone know a good resource to learn all the in and outs of the product?

I had the same issues last year when my Sirius weather was new.  When I inquired, Sirius said there were too many models of equipment and each used / displayed their data differently for them to issue instructions.  They said see the equipment owners manuals.  It took about a year of playing with the unit to figure out what it would do and how to access it.  I am still frustrated with the “warm up” time to acquire a signal.  On some days it is immediately present and other days it can take as long as 20 minutes.

Jim Sullivan
C-380 #174

Good luck. I have not found a

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  1. I have used the XM version (since before the merger of Sirius and XM) on my Garmin plotter for about 6 years. I have the master mariner version (full functions). On the Garmin, while the data sometimes takes awhile to load, the tabs for each set of data seem pretty intuitive on the weather screen. Under one tab I have a screen showing cloud cover; under another, radar coverage of rain; under another offshore buoys, etc, etc. On my main chartplotter screen, I have a page that allows me to put up as much of the data (or as little) as I wish, and to be visible at different ranges (say from the 8nm level or the 200nm level) depending on how much clutter I want at different zoom levels.
    Russ c380 #50 Blue Heron

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