How to get the flange off the prop shaft


I need to replace my PSS. Seems to have worn down.
I got the two flanges (trans side and prop side) separated.
I can NOT seem to get the prop flange off the shaft. I got the set screws out. I can’t budge the key. Seems rusted on, I am stuck.

In a post from April 2010 Warren said to separate the two flanges, put a “spacer” (nut or ratchet set piece) then “insert longer bolts” connecting the two flanges and evenly tighten.

I am not at boat and did NOT bring the existing bolts home.
Does anyone know what type of bolt I need to do this?

c380 #176
Newport, RI


You can make up the longer “bolts” using booker rod … I think it is 8mm Metric and use a socket spanner for spacer. You should also check for wear of the cutlass bearing …this

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One thought on “How to get the flange off the prop shaft”

  1. Ken,
    What about a grinder with a cutoff wheel? Maybe you can get it in there and cut it most of the way off then pry the rest.
    Russell C380 #20

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