Instructions for Replacing Salon Plexiglas Windows (Deadlights)

The following was published by Catalina, at the end of the article is information provided by Russ Monaco who has done the job.  Included are photos on how to brace the window while the adhesive dries.

  1. Remove the old window by first cutting around edge then slowly cutting or prying until the window comes away from deck.
  2. Scrape or sand away all old adhesive/silicone on the deck’s gel-coat, finish with 40 grit sand paper then wipe away all dust.
  3. Do a dry run by positioning the new window in place with the help or masking tape and trace a pencil line onto the brown paper of the inside of the window as it will be installed.
  4. Cut away the one inch or so protective paper on the perimeter of the inside edge of the new window. (Note: maintain paper coating on the outside and inside center to protect it from

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