Portlight Replacement

Port light Replacement
Don and Linda Rooker
May, 2007
Hull #: C380 #157

Don and Linda Rooker, who sail “Jolly Mon”, in the Pickwick Lake/ Tennessee River region of North East Mississippi, felt that the crazing on their original portlghts was too much and decided to go for stainless-steel framed units. So, thought I’d insert their photo here, as a different approach [See Photo]. As their new portlights, made by New Found Metal [.com], have tempered glass, no more crazing. Most of the fleet, including Admiral Jeanne and I, continue to shy away from glass on board. Perhaps a few have wine glasses carefully stowed?? But tempered glass is pretty strong.

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One thought on “Portlight Replacement”

  1. Don, this has nothing to do with portlights, but I met you and Linda at the Long Beach Harbor and told you I was looking at a 380 in St. Pete. We just bought the boat a week ago and is now sitting at the Pass Harbor. Russell

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