Replacement Fuel Tank Sender

The replacement sender unit from Ezell is a totally improved design with a rigid ss vertical bar that a magnetic or something floats up and down on. Unlike the current unit with the resistive electronics in the fuel tank, everything is now external to the fuel tank. Much better design, and for a mere $29 well worth the upgrade. The current unit is a flimsy float hinged on a dangling peice of thick wire that connects to a peice of plastic that changes resistance based on how the flimsy wire happens to be dangling. Not too impressive in my fuel tank. I would replace even if its working!

Ezell is at (850) 578-2558, assuming they are the manufacturers of your fuel tank. I have the 26 gal tank, newer boats #179 on have the 34 gal tank. My part number  was WEMA-11 Sending Unit (C380- 26 gal). It is a

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