Replacing filters on Westerbeke

For the main filter under the aft birth:

  1. Pack white oil absorbing sheets around racor filter housing.
  2. Turn the fuel valve on the tank off.
  3. Stuff half an oil absorbing sheet in a big Ziploc bag.
  4. Unscrew the T-handle and lift the top off the racor housing.
  5. Pull the old filter out of the housing and put it in the Ziploc.
  6. Replace the gasket in the top with a well oiled new gasket.
  7. Replace the o-ring on the T-handle.
  8. Put in the new filter. (optionally fill the racor housing with diesel).
  9. Put the top on and tighten with T-handle(fairly tight to eliminate air leaks).
  10. Remove oil absorbing sheets from around racor and stuff in big Ziploc.

Turn tank fuel valve on.

  1. Start engine as usual.

For the filter on the engine: (not the inline 80 micron filter but the small cylindrical filter housing aft and to port)

  1. Place a white

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