Transmission Dipstick Failure

Warren Elliot
C380 #44   My Bride II.
Mainsheet Summer 2012

How can this be, you ask??  We’re talking about a pretty simple hunk of metal…so what’s the story??

The story starts back in mid summer last year, when the admiral and I were cruising our C380 in waters just short of Cape Cod, about 100 miles east of our Long Island Sound home port of New Haven, CT.  Our mission was to do a bit of visiting/exploring for several days before heading into New Bedford, MA for the Catalina East Coast Rendezvous.

This was, by most standards, a pretty nice day except that, even with the sails set, it unfortunately required mechanical horsepower to attain any reasonable forward speed, particularly as our destination was quite a few miles off.  The day passed uneventfully until I decided to do one of my “daily” engine checks.  So the admiral took over the

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