Steering, Boom Height, Cleats, GPS

Wolfgang Doebel, Warren Elliott

2/1/2002 Hull #: 336

The following was emailed to me from a new 380 owner from Canada:

Hello Warren, Have you ever come across one of the following? Do you have any ideas to help?

The steering mechanism on my C380, at times seems, to get partially hung up, especially when moving through the neutral position. The problem is not severe but it takes out a lot of fun from steering. Also one must always expect some problems to happen if the cause of the concern is not fully understood. There is an Autopilot ST6000 plus connected to the rudder post, but it does not seem to be the cause, as the problem does not exist when traveling under power alone (no pressure on the rudder, not much tension on the cables). I have investigated the mechanical condition of the

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