Sticky Gear Shift Cable

Here’s my report on the stiff gear shift issue. I removed the cable from the transmission and moved the shift lever. It was stiff without being attached. Next I removed the head bump cover under the steering pedestal below. I didn’t see any kinks, but a cable holder steers the cable into an “s” turn, so I removed that to give it a more gentle curve. Checked the lever again. Still stiff. I started to remove my compass to get to the insides. Two bolts came easy, two were stuck, so I sprayed them with wd40 and had a beer. For grins, I sprayed some into where the lever goes into the housing. The hole looks to be lined with a Teflon or plastic tube through which the lever passes. I worked it in with a few back and forth, and low and behold it started to free up. Problem

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